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On the 4th June 1913 the Epsom Derby was underway. King George V was there watching his
horse Anmer, ridden by Herbert Jones. Also watching was a young woman called Emily

As the horses thundered towards the…

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movement is put on the activities of the militant suffragettes, without any further reference
to the suffragists led by Millicent Fawcett (who were far greater in number), who continued
their peaceful campaigning. There were other suffrage groups too, like the Conservative and
Uniionist Women's Franchise Association, who were founded in…

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an engineer and then as an IT analyst, a colleague's gender has never borne the slightest
relevance of any sort. If such sexism does still exist, (obviously we mean in the western
world), I would argue that it's a generational anachronism and that in future, as my
generation become the…

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of the best programmes in this wonderful series Melvyn, but thank you all the same.

Judith Kazantzis: Suffragism
I enjoyed this brief retelling very much but have several comments: why no welknown
feminist historians such as Sheila Rowbotham to give us more insight into the feeling among
the women as…

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be fitting for IOT, a programme for which I have the utmost praise and Melvin Bragg who
does a superb job in bringing such depth of historical knowledge the British public, that have
been so starved of honest academic appraisal.see"Women Without
Superstition, No Gods No Masters"Sue MayerLondon Feminist Freethinkers…

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