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Women ­ British Depth Study
Women in the 1890s
Most women did not go to school or University
They spent their lives raising children and running the house
Women were 2nd class citizens

Legal Rights
For a long time married women weren't protected by law ­ women had no legal…

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The Suffrage Movement

National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies (NUWSS) - Suffragists
Formed in 1897 by Millicent Fawcet
Most were middle class women
They were non ­ militant and most of their tactics were persuasions, meetings and letters to government

Arguments for the Vote
Rights were improving for women ­…

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Protests got more extreme

led a deputation (went to see) to the PM
Pledged support to the Labour party for the next election
Organised a peaceful march from Carlisle to London
Offered free membership to working women

Escalated a campaign of violence ­ usually against property:
o They…

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2 million less workers than we needed and women campaigned to get these jobs
Women did well at the jobs and in positions of responsibility ­ quashing men's viewpoints
Worked in munitions factories etc. ­ showing they were just as skilled as men with little training
Worked as bus…


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