BP - An Energy TNC

Case study on BP, an energy TNC

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Emily Dix
Case Study - An Energy TNC
BP is the largest UK-owned transnational corporation. They are responsible for the exploring, producing,
refining, transporting and marketing of gas, oil, power and renewables across six continents. In 2006
BP's annual income was $26,172 million. BP is also associated with many big brands such as Wal-Mart and
its fuels are sold under a number of names including Castrol, ARCO, Ultimate and Amoco.
Facts and figures
Countries of operation 28
Number of employees 85,700 (at 31 Dec 2012)
Oil refined per day 2.4 million barrels
Sales and other operating revenues1 $375,580 million (year 2012)
Proved reserves2 17,000 million barrels of oil equivalent
Retail sites3 20,700
Refineries (wholly or partly owned) 16
Refining throughput 2,354 thousand barrels per day (year 2012)

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Emily Dix
Exploration and Production
When searching for new oil reserves, expert geologists use the latest technology to survey the land and
detect oil or gas. One method of seismic exploration can be seen
in figure 1. In 2005, BP has exploration projects active in 26
countries worldwide. As the demand for oil and gas grows, so
does the importance of these projects.…read more

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Emily Dix
Recently BP has begun to invest money into new ways of supplying their customers with energy.
Alternatives include solar and wind power. Biofuels are also becoming increasingly popular as BP aims to
reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere. BP has also looked at ways of making the production of
energy from traditional fossils fuels more environmentally friendly.…read more


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