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      • Helped reassert Russia's power and influence and a way to restore international position.
      • 2004 Ukraine replaced pro-Russian government with pro-Western reformers and in 2006 Ukraines' gas supply was cut off as Russia quadrupled the price and Ukraine refused to pay.
    • CHINA
      • Complex relationship with Russia
      • China needs more energy as economic growth
      • Energy supplies vital for maintaining control of communist party and internal security
      • Current oil travel by tanker. (between Indonesian, Sumatra and Malaysia) subject to frequent attacks so need new pathways
      • China and Russia joint political interest over US military presence in Asia (democracy) thus preventing China expanding
    • JAPAN
      • No oil reserves thus wants Russia's.
      • Third largest oil consumer
        • 2007 Imported over 3/4 from Middle East.
      • Access to ESPO pipeline reduce dependency on Middle East by 15%.
      • Russia and China share long border thus need good relationship
        • They are suspicious of each other. (rival power) Therefore Russia reluctant to commit in terms of energy supply.
        • Russia promised increase exports to China to 300K barrels a day
      • Japanese government keen for access to ESPO thus offered $7Billion to extend pipeline.
        • Helping to rebuild relationship between Russia and Japan.
        • the Japanese financing will  restrict Chinese access to Russia's oil
          • ESPO allows Russia wider pacific region market.
      • ESPO allows Russia wider pacific region market.
    • EAST SIBERIA - pacific ocean pipeline
      • 2600miles long.  Offering Russia new pathway to  pacific markets.
      • Russian, Chinese, Japanese governments all interested in oil.
        • China and Japan competing for access to Russia's oil in order to secure future supplies.


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