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The Bloody Chamber 2
The train slowed ...
In the empty air outside…read more

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The train slowed ...
· Phallic symbol
· Shuddered to a halt (do I have to spell it out?)
· Sentence "Lights; clank ..." asyndetic list ­
series of impressions ­ she is overwhelmed?
· And I could not sleep ­ minor sentence ­
tension and excitement
· His breathing is rhythm hers is warmth…read more

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Cont ...
· The real everyday domestic world is
contrasted with her future
· Asyndetic listing ­ sense of loss summed up in
exiled (repeated in next paragraph)
· Mention of the station master's children
implies that despite her assumption that she is
there to provide an heir, children will not be
part of her future…read more

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Into marriage, into exile
· She has married for materialism (tripled
asyndeton of ring, bloody bandage of rubies, the
wardrobe of clothes)
· Proleptic metaphor bloody bandage continues
· And desire (scent, train began to throb)
· Complicit on her own downfall ­ has made the
wrong choice yet feels no regret. Exile / lonely
· Distance ­ from childhood to adulthood ­
significance of loss of virginity…read more

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The first grey streamers
· Eldritch = Old English word for unearthly /
weird. Pathetic fallacy
· Synesthesia ­ one sense described as another
­ daylight / air described as water seeped
· My heightened excited senses
· Sale and size again ­ he is huge, enormous Go
compare…read more

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Ancient Egyptians / sarcophagi
· A culture which made an art form of death
· As does the sadistic Marquis
· The Romeo y Julieta is a cigar. It also alludes to
a tragic outcome.
· Simile fat as a baby's arm…read more

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