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Important words
Syntax ­ is the study of how words are formed together to form a sentence/word order. The component parts of
a sentence are called constituents, which are the natural groupings of a sentence

Adjacency Pair 2 utterances linked in an obvious or clear way, always said by different…

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Nonstandard Grammar Preferred term (not incorrect, bad, or poor grammar). Common in speech even of
the educated.
Nonverbal Filler Filler which is not technically a word. E.g. "umm" or "erm".
Open Question A question with many possible responses and allows the speaker more of a choice of
topic/conversation direction.

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Interactional Talk Language in conversation used for interpersonal reasons and/or socialising.

Nonfluency features Typical and normal characteristics of spoken language that interrupt the "flow" of talk.
Some examples: hesitations, false starts, fillers, repetitions (although these can also be used for emphasis),
overlaps and interruptions.

Paralinguistic features Related to body language…


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