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To "we were married"…read more

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· 1. What is definition of sadism?
· 2. who was the Marquis de Sade?
· 3. Research the story of Bluebeard ­ the
source for the story…read more

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Paragraph 1
· "I remember": structures the story. We know
she will survive.
· The train: sexual symbol. Female passivity.
Syntactic patterning.
· Symbolism: the unguessable country of
marriage. Away from Paris. Structure of the
· Sexual readiness and excitement of the girl…read more

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Paragraph 2
· Loss and what has been left behind.
· The torn ribbon
· The simile "as if ... I ...had ceased to be her
child" ­ power of maternal bond stronger than
she understands…read more

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Paragraph 3
· Materialism ­ the wrapping, the dress
· Mother ­ eagle-featured; dress resembles
birds feathers.
· Mother = a force of nature, powerful woman.
· Funereal ­ black dress ­ proleptic also mother'
s perception is correct.
· Tripling of the mother's feats ­ heightened
reality. Mother as swashbuckling hero…read more

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Are you sure? I'm sure.
· Direct speech after the integration of the
mother's speech in the narrative voice earlier.
What is the purpose of this.
· Love is reformulated to marry. Why? Theme?…read more

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