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Syntax ­ is the study of how words are formed together to form a sentence/word order. The
component parts of a sentence are called constituents, which are the natural groupings of a sentence

Simple Sentence ­ consists of a single independent clause with no dependent clauses

Compound Sentence ­ consists…

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Head Repetition of the subject at the start of a sentence but in a different form. E.g. Clare, she's
really nice. OR. That girl, I really like her. A head can be a single word or a longer phrase.

Hedge "Padding" that is added to bold statements, often intentionally in…

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Timed Pause Always timed in seconds, usually represented as (1) (0.5), etc. They often don't
mean anything except that the speech is spontaneous may punctuate longer utterances can show
uncertainty of an unwillingness/hesitation to voice the utterance that follows.

Vague Language Anything that is imprecise or woolly. More specifically:


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Pragmatics An approach to discourse analysis which focuses less on structures and more on
contexts and purposes of people talking to each other.

Transactional talk Language to get things done or to transmit content or information (used when
the participants are exchanging goods and/or services)

Alliteration repeated use of the…


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