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Healthy…read more

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Balanced diet
A balanced diet should contain fats, proteins and
carbohydrates in roughly these amounts:
It should also contain water, vitamins,
minerals and fibre.…read more

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Healthy diets are balanced in the
context of:
Proteins ­ build muscle and cells
Fibre ­ helps food move
through the intestine
Fats and oils ­ cell
membranes and energy
Minerals and vitamins -
Carbohydrates- starch and sugars
Water ­ hydration of the body - energy…read more

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Lack of food and health
Deficiencies ­ there are so many you don't
need to know any ­ (Scurvy ­ lack of
vitamin C is one)
BUT you must know that `starvation'
Reduced resistance to disease.
Irregular periods in women -…read more

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BMI = weight Kg ÷ height2 m2
Obesity = BMI
of 30 or
= <18.5
Overweight =
weight = 18.5-
24.9…read more

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