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Active Transport

Work against the concentration gradien

Need Energy

From High to Low concentration 

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Respiration Equation

Glucose+Oxygen }   Carbon Dioxide+Water 

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Anaerobic Respiration

Glucose -----> Lactic Acid + Energy 

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How Kidney Filters

The kidney FILTERS the blood by having a filter between the bowmans capsule and blood vesels. This filters and lets little molecules such as water ions and urea through the filter however big molecules like Protein can't fit through. However when travelling down the nephron important ions such as glucose are reabsorbed back into the blood.

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Flows through Semi Permeable Membrane 

Fluid in Dialysis contains same concentration of ions and useful substances as patients blood has 

Bad substances get filtered out such as urea 

Dialysis restores the normal concentration back to blood 

However has to be repeated all the while.

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Kidney Transplant

Must Match tissue

However can be rejected by immune system like foreign body 

on medication 

But don''t have to watch diet

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