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Significance of mieosis mitosis, Mendal's observations and experimentation and why his work was not recognised for years, Cloning animals, and Gene therapy.


Gregor Mendal

Gregor Mendal

  • Gregor Mendel (1822-1884) studied the inheritance of different characteristics in pea plants. He found that when he bred red-flowered plants with white-flowered plants, all the offspring produced red   flowers. If he bred these plants with each other, most of the offspring had red flowers, but some had white. This was because the allele for red flowers is dominant, and the allele for white flowers is recessive.

Genetic diagram of FF x ff for flower colours (

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Meiosis and Mitosis

Mitosis and meiosis are two ways that cells reproduce.

Mitosis -Mitosis is a type of cell division. Mitosis occurs wherever more cells are needed. It produces two new cells that are identical to each other, and to the parent cell. The process of growth and division is called the cell cycle.

Mieosis- Megametes. A human body cell contains 46 chromosomes arranged in 23 pairs. The gametes are sperm or eggs, and only contain half as many chromosomes (23). This is why meiosis is sometimes called reduction division.


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