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-Bigger than a virus

-lives outside cells

-produces toxins

-Antibiotics work/ kill the bacteria

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Viruses are:

-Smaller than bacteria

-Lives inside cells

-Kills cells

-Antibiotics don't work/ kill viruses

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Pathogens (Microbes that cause disease)

Pathogens can pass from person to person in four main ways:

-Direct contact



-Cuts from objects

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Types of diseases and what the way the body defend

Types of diseases:

-Infectious diseases (Passes from person to person.)

-Genetic diseases (Passed down by parents, etc.)

-Degenerative diseases (Created by lifestyle, exercise and diet.)

The body defends itself by:

-Tear ducts (acid in tears)*eye*

-Nasal hairs *Nose*

-Rough skin (to stop it entering)

-Stomach acids

-good bacteria

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Antibiotics and Penicillin

Antibiotics- medicine which kill a disease

the first person to discover penicillin- Alexander Fleming

his problem in producing mass production-you can only harvest penicillin in small amounts.

Penicillin can be used on people because it kills the bacteria with out harming human cells.

Bacteria infects wounds in the human body and when antibiotics were created a lot more people recovered than died.

Penicillin is very successful on diseases such Plague and TB.

Antibiotics have no effect on diseases that are caused by viruses. e.g. flu or HIV.

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Main places to find new antibiotics

Main places to find new antibiotics






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