atmospheric pollution

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Atmospheric pollution
Pollution in the air caused by gases, fumes from vehicles and industry and
small dust particles low down in the atmosphere which become harmful to
human health
Asia has most cities with high air pollution due to high populations and
industrialising cities
Many urban areas, cities in developing areas, and industrial cities hive high
air pollution
3.2million are effected by air pollution
Lack of money to provide adequate infrastructure to cope with rising
number of vehicles
Industry (burning fossil fuels-coal most polluting) these release noxious
gases which have a photochemical reaction with sunlight which causes
photochemical smog
Population growth and urbanisation are the root cause of air pollution as
they cause transport and industry
Climate, temperature inversions- during normal atmospheric conditions,
convection from ground level will carry pollution into the atmosphere. When
a temperature inversion happens, cold air sinks to ground level and with a
cap of warm air above, which traps pollution at a lower level. Temperature
inversions are caused by high air pressure, low relief where cities are
surrounded by hills and warm air flows over the top of the city
Human health
Respiratory -bronchitis, lung cancer, asthma, black lung
Neurological- brain cancer, dementia
Blood stream- hypertension, high blood pressure, heart attacks


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