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June 2010 human paper
1ai. Describe the differences in service provision between the two districts shown
in fig.1
Lapa has a higher percentage of its population provided for with good services
such as electricity, piped water, and mains sewers, whereas Guaianzes has a lower
percentage of its population provided with good services. for example there is a
difference of 64% between the two districts in terms of the percentage of
population provided with electricity and a 81% difference between the percentage
of population in these two districts which have mains sewage. Also in Lapa 91% of
its population have access to piped water whereas in Guaianzes only 71% have
access to piped water.
1aii. Suggest two reasons for these differences
Firstly, Guaianzes is a poorer region of sao Paulo as it has a lower adult literacy
rate and more people earning below the minimum wage. Therefore there are less
people earning higher amounts of money and hence paying higher amounts to tax
that is spent on providing these services. Lapa has a higher earning and more
educated population and so those authorities have a higher tax base providing more
financial supply to provide for building and improving these services for the
people in Lapa.
Secondly, Guaianzes is a more densely populated area due to it containing squatter
settlements than Lapa. This means that it is harder to install services in areas with
narrow streets. This can restrict the availability of services such as water,
electricity and sewage systems as they are hard to build where other buildings
already exist.
1b. Show how two economic factors can influence land use patterns in urban areas
Firstly, land prices can influence land use patterns as higher land prices which are
often located in the CBD can only be afforded by companies that make a large
profit and therefore can afford the high rents on the land. This is why less
profitable companies and residential housing is not located in the CBD but rather
in the inner city or on the outskirts of the city.
Secondly, individual towns may have a specialist industry which most of their
economy is focused around. If a urban area relies on tourism then most buildings
related to tourism such as attractions, retail, and accommodation will be centred
around the main attraction such as a beach.

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