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KQ3: What are the environmental
issues associated with urban
Traffic congestion, water pollution,
atmospheric pollution, urban
dereliction, waste disposal,
building pressures…read more

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Traffic Congestion
CASE STUDY: London…read more

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CAUSES Traffic
· Increase in car ownership
· Limited amount of public transport
· Expensive public transport
· Overcrowded public transport
· Population growth and rural-urban migration
· The movement of freight (containers) onto
lorries…read more

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ISSUES congestion
· Health problems e.g. asthma due to the pollutants created by
· Longer travel times so longer time spent not with families
· More cars on the road
· Air and noise pollution
· Increased road building leads to the destruction of greenfield
· Air pollution can lead to acid rain and the Greenhouse effect
· Cost of building new roads
· Late deliveries cost businesses money
· Workers arrive late as they are stuck in traffic…read more

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MANAGEMENT congestion
· Congestion charges
· `Boris Bikes'
· Trams
· Extension of the underground
· Pedestrianisation
· Improved rain links
· Bus lanes and priority traffic lights
· Car sharing and car sharing lanes
· Park and ride schemes
· Reurbanisation
· Working at home and flexitime
· Increased car tax and petrol duty
· Oster cards…read more

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· Introduced 17th February 2007
· People driving cars and buses have to pay a fee to
drive in areas of London that are worst affected by
traffic congestion
· In 2004, business owners said that they had
benefited rather than suffered from the
congestion charges
· Money raised is invested in public transport
· Has forced people to use public transport and has
reduced the numbers of cars on the road…read more

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