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Human Geography - Urban
Jan 2013 ­ Atmospheric Pollution & Sustainability.
Identify and describe evidence of urban dereliction shown in Fig. 1. [4]
Suggest two reasons why dereliction has occurred in this area. [6]
Explain two ways in which urban change can increase atmospheric pollution. [6]
WRTOOMLE, explain how urban areas are being managed to ensure sustainability. [9]
May 2012 ­ Political Factors & Areas of Deprivation.
Compare trends shown in Fig. 1. [4]
Suggest two reasons for these trends. [6]
Explain two ways in which political factors influence land use in urban areas. [6]
WRTOOMLE, explain the development of areas of deprivation. [9]
Jan 2012 ­ Environmental Factors & Water Pollution.
Describe two features of the distribution of average household income shown in Fig. 1. [4]
Suggest two possible economic reasons for these features. [6]
Explain two ways in which environmental factors can influence urban land use. [6]
WRTOOMLE, examine how urban change can cause water pollution. [9]
May 2011 ­ Land Use & Managing Problems.
Describe the changed shown in Fig. 1 after a renewable project. [4]
Suggest two reasons for the changes described. [6]
Give two reasons to explain why land use varies within an urban area. [6]
WRTOOMLE, examine the problems of managing waste disposal. [9]
Jan 2011 ­ Social Problems & urban Dereliction.
Identify and locate two different types of land use in the area shown on Fig. 1. [4]
Suggest two economic factors have influenced land use in the area shown. [6]
Outline two social problems associated with urban deprivation. [6]
WRTOOMLE, explain how change can lead to areas of urban dereliction. [9]

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Human Geography - Urban
May 2010 ­ Economic Factors & Atmospheric Pollution.
Describe the differences in service provision between the two districts shown in Fig. 1. [4]
Suggest two reasons for these differences. [6]
Show how two economic factors influence land use patterns in urban areas. [6]
WRTOOMLE, explain how the problem of atmospheric pollution can be managed. [9]
Jan 2010 ­ Political Factors & Managing traffic Congestion.
Describe the evidence for urban decay shown in Fig. 1.…read more


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