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NATURAL HAZARD = Naturally occurring process or event which has the
potential to cause loss of life and disaster.

HYDRO-METEOROLOGICAL HAZARD = Natural processes or phenomena or
atmospheric, hydrological or oceanographic nature, which may cause life and
building loss, and economic disruptions. E.g. cyclones, floods, droughts


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EARTHQUAKE = Sudden violent movement of the earth's surface, sometimes
causing damage.

DESTRUCTIVE PLATE = Where two plates meet and where oceanic crust is
being destroyed by subduction. E.g. Andes

CONSTRUCTIVE PLATE = two plates moving away from each other. As the two
plates separate, hot magma is able to…

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SPATIAL DISTRIBUTION = Spread of a varying observations, such as income,
within a population across an area.

MAGNITUDE = Size of the event. E.g. Richter Scale for earthquakes

FREQUENCY = How often an event of a certain size occurs.

ENSO = Term used to describe the full range of events…

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THERMOCLINE = Sharp boundary between cold deep water and warm surface

GREENHOUSE EFFECT = Natural process by which the earth's atmosphere
warms up and keeps the planet habitable.

ENHANCED GREENHOUSE EFFECT = Human activity is changing the
composition of the atmosphere and making it more effective at trapping heat.…

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DEPENDENCY RATIO = Formula that compares the proportion of a population
that is economically non-active with the proportion that actually generates

BIRTH RATE = Number of babies born per 1000 per year.

DEATH RATE = Number of deaths per 1000 per year.

INFANT MORTALITY RATE = Number of deaths…

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INTERNATIONAL MIGRANT = Person moves across an international boundary.
This may be permanent or semi-permanent.

REFUGEE = Person who has fled from or been deported from their country.

ASYLUM SEEKER = person whose application for asylum for a country of which
he or she is not a citizen is pending,…

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URBANISATION = Increase in the percentage of people living in towns or

HYPER-URBANISATION = Where the increase in the urban population is
happening so rapidly that the city cannot cope with the needs of the people.

SUBURBANISATION-SPRAWL = People live further away from the central,
urban are and travel…

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VERTICAL INTEGRATION = Controlling and owning every stage of production
from exploration and research through to sales. E.g. Exxon owns oil wells, oil
tankers, oil refineries and petrol stations.

EXPORT PROCESSING ZONES = Zones in which businesses are free to import
raw materials, process and manufacture them, and re-export without…

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OECD = Global `think tank' for 30 of the world's wealthiest nations.

OPEC = Established to regulate the global oil market, stabilise prices, and
ensure a fair return for the 11 member states who between them supply 40%
of the world's oil.

G8 = Represents 65% of the world's trade…


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