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Climate revision notes

Energy in the lower atmosphere- The higher up the colder as hot air rises from the surface and cools.
The earth's surface is heated by solar radiation and this by conduction this warms the air in the
troposphere closest to the surface. The temperature decreases with altitude…

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north. This high pressure air cools and goes south to cool into the polar cell causing high pressure and
meets the Hadley cell to fall again at high pressure back toward the tropics.

There are several ways we know that the distribution of biomes used to be different, for example…

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Short term- Tambora 1815- largest eruption in recent times and 1816 was the year without a
Short term- Mount St Helens 1980- Dust in Atmosphere caused an increase in rain levels
Medium term- Potential that the little ice age was caused by volcanism as volcanic activity
was increased in…

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stay for longer in the atmosphere. The problem is made worse by the reduction of carbon sinks,
these are long term carbon stores like forests, fossil fuels and the oceans.

An effect of climate change is sea level rise, the deglaciation of Greenland would cause Eustatic sea
level rises (Across…

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There are several ways climate change has been combated. These include international negotiations
at each summits such as Rio in 1992 and Kyoto in 1997. These negotiations are difficult due to
different interests of countries (e.g. China grow industrially and the Maldives to reduce sea level
rise.). This has led…


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