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Educational policy and inequality:
The tripartite and comprehensive system

Tripartite System Comprehensive System

When 1944 1965

To educate all to make best use of their talents. Introduced by the labour government.
Aims Britain needed a better educated workforce. Ensure all students no matter what their ability had a
All children…

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Marketisation and parentocracy
The 1988 Education Reform Act introduced by the Conservative government under Thatcher established the
principle of marketisation in education
1. Marketisation:
Competition between schools encouraged
Successful schools with thrive, and those that are failing will either have to improve or face funding cuts
or closure
ERA created…

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For example, LEECH AND CAMPOS show what middle class parents can afford to move into the catchment areas of
more desirable schools

New Labour polices since 1997
1. Reducing inequality:
Introduced several policies aimed specifically at reducing inequality in achievement by targeting support on
disadvantaged groups
E.g. ­ designating some…


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