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Anti-school subculture ­ those who reject the school's values and try to seek status

Banding ­ a form of streaming

Collectivism ­ valuing being a part of a group more than succeeding as an individual

Colour-blind teachers ­ teachers who believe all pupils are equal but in practice allow…

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Funding formula ­ a policy which provides schools with money for each pupil they take on

Gender ­ the social and cultural characteristics of men and women ­ learned through socialisation

GIST ­ Girls Into Science and Technology ­ encourage girls to take up non-traditional careers in these sectors


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Parentocracy ­ literally `rule by parents'. Associated with the marketised education systems which are based on the
parental choice in schools.

Polarisation ­ a process which results in the creation of two opposite extremes.

Post-Fordism ­ a type of industrial production. A highly skilled adaptable skilled workforce combined with

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Universalistic standards ­ impersonal rules and standards that apply to everyone in school and wider society

Vocational training ­ transmitting knowledge skills and attitudes needed for a particular career


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