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Functions of education:
Social integration
Social placement
Social and cultural innovation

Two functions of education:
1. Creating social solidarity
Members must feel part of a community ­ education transmits society's shared culture and beliefs
School acts a `society in miniature' preparing us for wider society: have to…

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New Right:
Believe that the education system is failing because it is run by the state
The marketisation of education would help empower consumers and bring about a more effective system that
would raise standards, create more diversity and choice and be more efficient

Chubb and Moe
American state education…

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State consists of two elements which serve to keep the bourgeoise in power:
1. Repressive State Apparatus (RSA)
Maintain rule of the bourgeoisie by force or the threat of it (e.g the army)
2. Ideological State Apparatus (ISA)
Maintain rule of the bourgeoisie by controlling people's ideas, values…


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