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Rebellions 1547-1603

Edward VI
1549- The year of rebellions
- 23 counties were affected by uprisings
- shows large discontent towards the Edwardian government and was a serious situation for the
government to be in especially whilst being at War and during an economically difficult time
- However most were…

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by local authorities
- Only managed to seize Cornwall and Devon and moved to Exeter which were far from London
- The demands themselves were not threatening only wanted religious and social change did not aim
to overthrow the monarchy
- The rebellion was effectively suppressed by the government…

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Mary I
1554- Wyatt's rebellion
Led by: Sir Thomas Wyatt supported by Lady Jane Grey's father
Motives:- Mainly against the Spanish marriage to Phillip II
- Some religious motives as the rebels were Protestant and were against the restoration of
- There was a decline in the cloth industry…

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off their decision to rebel
-To marry Mary and the Duke of Norfolk and overthrow Elizabeth putting Mary on the throne
however there is no direct evidence that this was a cause
- Kesselring argues that this was unlikely to be a direct cause of the rebellion but angered Elizabeth…

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- It was easily suppressed- rebels were executed and properties of the noble families were seized
- It was far north and did not manage to get anywhere near London
- 4,600 rebels against 7000 government forces

Essex Rebellion
Led by: Robert Devereux the Earl of Essex
Motives: -…




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