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Chapter 5 Key Terms

Political parties ­ organisations of broadly like-minded people that seek to win elections in
order that they can then assume responsibility for controlling the apparatus of government
with a view to implementing their policies
Party whips ­ the officials who manage the supporters of their party…

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Egalitarian ­ means being committed to a belief in the equality of mankind
Utopian ­ relates to an idealistic belief in some future better form of society
Privatisation programme ­ is the policy of transferring of ownership of industries and
utilities from the public sector to the private sector, as…

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Lib Lab Pact ­ an agreement between the Liberals and labour in which they agreed not to
stand against each other to get a larger Conservative offence in 1906
Equidistance ­ strategy to place Lib Dems in the centre between the Left and Right


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