AQA Politics Chapter 4 Key Terms

All the key terms which relate to the fourth chapter in the AQA Government and Politics AS textbook

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Chapter 4 Key Terms
Pericles ­ born around 495BC. He was a prominent and influential statesman, orator and
general of Athens in the city's Golden Age before the Peloponnesian War
Representation ­ a form of indirect democracy in which those elected represent the views,
interests or social composition of the electorate. They make decisions on behalf of the mass
citizens who only directly participate at election time.
Delegate ­ a person chosen to act on behalf of others, in effect conveying their views
Party discipline ­ the system via which MPs are expected to `toe the party line' by voting
with their parties in the House of Commons
Demagogues ­ political agitators who seek to win support by playing upon and inflaming the
prejudices and passions of the mob
Legislature ­ a type of representative assembly with the power to make or adopt laws
The European Union (EU) ­ an organisation of 27 states with bother economic and political
Parliamentary sovereignty ­ the concept that parliament has absolute sovereignty
(complete power) making it supreme over all other government institutions and able to
introduce, change or repeal legislation as it wishes
Devolution ­ the statutory granting of powers from the central government at regional or
local level
European Economic Community ­ was the name for the organisation set up by the Treaty
of Rome in 1957. It later became known as the European community before becoming the EU
in late 1993
Six counties ­ refers to the province of Northern Ireland comprising six out of the nine
counties of Ulster
Good Friday Agreement ­ reached between the British and Irish governments in 1998 and
endorsed most of Northern Ireland political parties was a major political development in the
peace process
Eurozone ­ the area of the European Union that includes the 13 member states that have
adopted the Euro as their country
General Pinochet (1915-2006) ­ a Chilean statesman who presided over a dictatorial
regime between 1973 and 1990 and was best known in Europe for his brutal treatment of
political opponents


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