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Hot Deserts - Revision…read more

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Where are the Hot Desert Environments?
The hot deserts are located
in almost every continent,
apart from Europe and
Antarctica. Each desert is
located on the west side of
the continent it is located
in. They are distributed
near the Tropic of Cancer
or the Tropic of Capricorn,
around 15 ­ 30° north and
south of the equator.…read more

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What causes the Hot and Dry Conditions?
1. Concentration of Suns Rays
2. High Pressure
3. Few Clouds…read more

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- 1) Winds travel from high ­ low pressure
2) Wind travels over land
3) Little moisture picked up = little rain
- 1) Winds cross currents & quickly slow down
2) Water vapour condenses to form sea fog
3) The winds are then dry = no rain
- 1) Sea winds are pushed upwards by a range of
2) The air cools
3) But as the winds go down they become dry = no
rain…read more

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Vegetation Adaption's
leaves to spines to reduce water loss and to protect
the cactus. The pads of the prickly pear cactus are used
to store water for when they need it during a drought
PALO VERDE; The tree sheds its leaves during the dry, hot
periods. It has a deep root system to access a
underground water supply
OCTOTULLIA; It can perform photosynthesis during dry
periods, so it can produce food. It has a shallow but
wide root system which it uses to gather rainwater.…read more

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The Process Of Desertification
Population Growth
More Fuel, Food And Housing Needed
Trees Are Cut Down Grassland Is
Over Grazed
Climate Change Less Rain Soil Becomes Bare
Soil Is Eroded By Wind And Water
Land Becomes Infertile. No Plants Grow. Land Becomes Desert.…read more

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