AQA GCSE RE Module 4: Matters of Life (Christian and Muslim views)

Christian and Muslim views (including quotes and references) on:

  • When does life begin?
  • Fertility treatment
  • Surrogacy
  • Genetic engineering & cloning
  • Transplants & blood transfusions
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Christianity Islam
When does life · Humans are sacred (sanctity of life) · Life is a precious and
begin? · 'So God created man in his own sacred gift from Allah
image' Genesis 1:27 · 'God has made life
· Humans are known by God and sacred' Surah 17:33
given a purpose even before they · Allah determines the
are born (Psalm 139) development of an
· Most Christians believe life begins embryo into a human
at conception being (Qur'an 23:12-14)
· There is potential life
from conception but
human life does not
exist until the foetus is
ensouled at 120 days
· Before the foetus is
ensouled, the mother has
more rights than the
foetus, but after, they are
Fertility treatment · COE: Acceptable within marriage · Marriage is the only
for women of childbearing age context for procreation
· 'Treatment should normally be · AIH and IVF okay in
given to women only during years marriage
when, under normal circumstances, · AID is adultery
they might conceive' COE General · Marriage ends at death
Synod 1997 so using someone's
· Opposed to AID as some think it's a eggs/sperm after they
form of adultery have died is forbidden
· Catholics: fertility treatment is
against the natural law, separates
sex and procreation and embryos
are discarded. Because of this, all
IVF/AIH is wrong
Surrogacy · No single viewpoint · Forbidden: 'None can be
· For: story of Abraham and Sarah: their mothers except
Sarah could not produce and heir, those who gave them
so Abraham slept with Hagar (a birth' Surah 58
maid) to try and produce a child.
· Against: playing God, form of
Genetic engineering · No single viewpoint · No single viewpoint
& cloning · Opposed to designer babies as it's · Some say we should not
playing God limit research as Allah
· No one knows if 'it will be possible gives us the knowledge
to clone the human soul, along with · Cloning affects kinship
the human' Christian Society, 2002 (very important in
· Possible objections: playing God, Islam)
embryos destroyed · Generally support
· In favour: good for medicine genetic engineering as it

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Catholics: 'Every possible act of can be used to treat
cloning humans is intrinsically evil' disease
Pope John Paul II, Evangelium
Vitae 1995
Transplants & blood · An act of kindness and agape · Allowed for those in
transfusions · 'The Catholic Church would genuine need
promote the fact that there is a · 'If anyone has saved
need for organ donors' Pope a life it is as if he
John Paul II was saved the whole
· Pope Benedict XVI was a donor of…read more


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