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AQA Specification A ­ GCSE Geography…read more

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River Discharge
Discharge is the amount of water in a river
The following factors effect amount of discharge:
Previous weather
Relief ­ steep or gentle
Rock type
Land use
Velocity is the speed of the river
Velocity increases from source to mouth, this is because as
discharge increases, there's less friction from the banks…read more

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There are four types of river erosion:
Hydraulic action: the force of the flowing water on the
river bed and banks
Corrasion/Abrasion: stones carried by the river wear away
the channel
Attrition: stones collide with each other, wearing
themselves away
Corrosion: slightly acidic river water dissolves rocks made
of calcium carbonate…read more

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Material is carried in the river in four ways:
Traction: large stones are rolled along the river bed
Saltation: smaller stones `bounce' along the river bed
Suspension: small particles of silt and clay float through the
Solution: minerals are dissolved in the river…read more

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Long Profiles
The long profile of a river is a cross
section from its source to its mouth
They are divided into three sections:
Upper course
Middle course
Lower course
River gradient decreases gradually as
the river flows downstream (ie. It
becomes less steep)…read more

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Valley Cross Profiles
Along the upper course, the river
erodes vertically to form a narrow
v-shaped valley
Along the middle course, the river
erodes both vertically and laterally,
so the valley widens
Along the lower course, the river
erodes laterally to form a wide valley
with a flat valley floor…read more

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