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AQA, GCSE  Geography.

Water processes for water on the land.

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Water on the Land; GCSE Geography AQA.
River Processes:
They erode in four main ways;
Hydraulic action the power of running water undercuts the banks and
erodes the river beds.
Abrasion or Corrosion rocks and pebbles carried by the river erode
material from the bed and sides.
Attrition rocks and pebbles carried by the river bang into each other and
break into smaller pieces.
Solution some minerals from rocks dissolve into the water.
They transport in four ways;
Traction boulders and rocks are dragged or rolled along the river bed.
Saltation smaller sized particles are bounced along the river bed.
Suspension fine particles of silt or clay are held in the water.
Solution dissolved minerals.
The river will drop its load when it has run out of energy to carry it.
Larger, heavier materials are usually deposited first usually up the river (upper
course). Pebbles, gravel, sand and silt are deposited in the middle and lower


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