AQA GCSE Geography A Coastal Zone Case Studies

All 4 case studies needed for this topic, described in a concise, bullet-pointed fact file.

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1 metre rise (in around 3 centuries):
Thermal expansion of water as it absorbs more heat from atmosphere.
Melting of ice sheets (e.g. Antarctica, Greenland) adds to the global water volume.
Facts and Figures:
In the last 15 years, the global sea level has risen, on average, 3.1mm each year compared to
1.8mm during the mid 20th century. And this is expected to rise drastically as pollution and global
warming increase.
The IPCC estimates that the level will rise 283mm in the next 88 years. Meaning that, as this rate
also increases, in 3 ½ centuries the sea level may increase 1 metre. (impacts shown on map)
London, New York, Tokyo and Bangladesh would all be majorly affected by flooding if the sea
level was to rise 1 metre.
As more than 70% of the world's population live on coasts, the effects of rising sea levels will be

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The area has always been
at risk; however the
recent cliff collapse
destroyed a cafe:
February 2008
Local Barton Court
locates just 20m from
Estimated that within
the next 10-20 years, all
the houses will have
Specific Causes:
The rocks are weak sand and clay, easily erodible by the sea.
The arrangement of the rock, permeable sands on top of impermeable clays causes water to
pond-up in holes/cracks in cliffs (also promotes freeze-thaw) adds weight and pressure to the
cliff, encouraging its collapse.…read more

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Minehead, the location for the biggest Butlins in the UK, was at major
risk of coastal erosion which could have cost £21m in the future to
In the 1990s, a plan was put in place to develop various coastal
defences in order to protect the Butlins that brings in 90% of the local
In 2001, the construction was complete costing a total of £12.3m, saving around £9m.…read more

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Keyhaven nature reserve is formed from the vast marshland that has evolved behind Keyhaven spit
(where Hurst Castle lies). The lack of fresh current water has turned it into a fragile eco-system for
many rare species.
Birds Plants Insects
Oystercatcher Cordgrass Common Blue (Butterfly)
Ringed flower Sea lavender Wold Spider
Problems and threats to the salt marsh:
The marsh retreats up to 6m a year, causes are unknown.…read more

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