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1 metre rise (in around 3 centuries):


Thermal expansion of water as it absorbs more heat from atmosphere.
Melting of ice sheets (e.g. Antarctica, Greenland) adds to the global water volume.

Facts and Figures:

In the last 15 years, the global sea level has risen, on average, 3.1mm each…

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The area has always been
at risk; however the
recent cliff collapse
destroyed a cafe:

February 2008
Local Barton Court
locates just 20m from
Estimated that within
the next 10-20 years, all
the houses will have

Specific Causes:

The rocks are weak sand and clay, easily erodible by…

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Minehead, the location for the biggest Butlins in the UK, was at major
risk of coastal erosion which could have cost £21m in the future to
In the 1990s, a plan was put in place to develop various coastal
defences in order to protect the Butlins that brings…

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Keyhaven nature reserve is formed from the vast marshland that has evolved behind Keyhaven spit
(where Hurst Castle lies). The lack of fresh current water has turned it into a fragile eco-system for
many rare species.

Birds Plants Insects
Oystercatcher Cordgrass Common Blue (Butterfly)
Ringed flower Sea lavender Wold Spider…

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