AQA Biology - Proteins (Excellent notes)

This is from AQA Bio AS Level. It is about Proteins very good notes to revise from.

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AS Biology
Section 1 ­ Biological Molecules
Proteins are made of amino acids
There are 20 different amino acids
All amino acids contain:
And some contain Sulphur
Structure of an Amino Acid:
Every amino acid contains an amino group and a carboxylic acid group
All amino acids have the same structure
R Group can be one of 20 different chemical groups which can make them
Aromatic (ring structure)
Sulphur containing
Chains of amino acids are held together by strong covalent bonds
2 amino acids joining together is called condensation
When 2 amino acids join, the amino group from one and the acid group from another
form a bond and produce one molecule of water
The bond formed is called a peptide bond
Hydrolysis ­ the opposite of condensation and the breaking of a peptide bond using
a molecule of water
Amino Acids can be arranged in any sequence

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AS Biology
Section 1 ­ Biological Molecules
Proteins can be up to several hundred amino acids long
The order of the amino acids in a protein determines its structure and the structure
of the protein determines how it works.…read more


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