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You should be able to demonstrate an understanding of...
Covered in class Revision Notes Exam Practice
1. The Body's response to stress
Definition of key terms and examples
Describe the body's response to ACUTE (short
Term) stress ­ the sympathomedullary
Pathway (SAM system)
Describe the body's response to CHRONIC (long
Term/ongoing) stress ­ the pituitary adrenal
system (HPA axis)
2. Stress related illness and the immune system
Outline a number of physiological effects of
Stress on the immune system (e.g.…read more

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Key Terms
Body's response to ACUTE
Body's response to
CHRONIC stress…read more

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Everybody experiences stress! However, of interest to us as psychologists, is not only what aspects in
our world cause us stress, but also what physical and psychological effects these have on a person. If we
know this, we can offer help by designing techniques and methods that may help people cope with the
stress they experience.
In this next topic, we will look at all of these elements in detail. However, we firstly need to familiarise
ourselves with some key terminology...…read more

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