Stress Revision Notes-Psychology AS (AQA)

These notes are ones that I made for my exam, and really helped me revise and get the top grades.

They include everything that the exam board asks for in term of the specification,and are orgainised in a way that will make revision easier, including mind maps and tables, etc. And they're done in colour! Added bonus! whoop whoop!

I hope they help y'all, and good luck :D

P.s.These notes may contain some minor grammatical errors like spelling misakes, but all information is correct.

P.p.s. I sat the exam in June 2013 btw

Feel free to check out my other psychology notes, aswell as my sociology ones :D

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Kalpana Ghosh


Really Great!!!!

Kalpana Ghosh



Really good thank you! I noticed one error on Kiecolt-Glaser's 1984 study about low ecological validity due to it being a lab experiment when the study was a natural experiment and therefore had high ecological validity. Other than that, absolutely brilliant!