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"Necessity is the mother
of invention"…read more

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- Danish economist
- Studied economic and agricultural development
- Worked with the United Nations
- In Boserup's theory agricultural methods depend on the
size of the population
- Her theories on agriculture and women led her to write a
series of books and papers that are still highly regarded
today…read more

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- In 1957 her work for the ECE took her to India on a joint
project with Gunnar Myrdal
- While travelling around the country she began to see how
different life in India was from life in the western world
- Here she saw women working the fields and different
forms of landholding from that of agricultural Europe
- These unfamiliar ideas encouraged her to reassess the
western theories she had been taught and she began to
form her own theories about agricultural production and
women's roles within it…read more

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- In 1965 Ester's agricultural model was published under the
title "The Conditions of Agricultural Growth: The Economics
of Agrarian Change under Population Pressure"
- She argued against the theory that a population is
constrained by agricultural output
- As a population increases it finds new ways of increasing its
agricultural yield; by transforming land into farmland,
changing its diet, by re-evaluating family and social
structure and by new cultivation techniques…read more

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- Ester spent a year in Africa travelling around the country
studying agriculture
- Whilst there she wrote a paper on "Linkages Between
Industry and Agriculture" and she argued that the migration
from agricultural villages to mining villages and more
urbanised centres was not because of a lack of land but
because of the enticement of increased wealth
- She also noticed that the people migrating were mostly
male and they could do this because most of the agricultural
work was carried out by women and children…read more

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- Her next paper `Population and Technology in
Preindustrial Europe' examined the relationship
between population pressure and subsistence
crisis in preindustrial Europe and concluded that
it was not population pressure that resulted in
lack of food, but was rather as Boserup said `the
result of internecine warfare and epidemics…read more

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