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Hard Engineering Coastal Defences
Defence How it works Advantages Disadvantages Example
The wall reflects waves Prevents erosion of the A sea wall is expensive to In Minehead, millions of
Sea Wall coasts and prevents flooding. build. It requires regular pounds have been spent on
back out to sea,
preventing erosion…

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Riprap Boulders piled up along The size and the mass of Can shift in storms. Le Croisic, Brittany
the coast are called the riprap material They also can be quite The houses are protected
riprap. absorbs the impact energy ugly, changing the from the sea by rip-rap -
The boulders…

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Fences built at right Slow down longshore Thinner beaches don't Beach at St Margarets at
Groynes protect the coast as well, Cliffe, in Kent
angles to the coast drift.
trapping beach material Trap sediment. leads to greater erosion and At the top left you can see
transported by longshore Break…


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