April 1917- August 1917- Russian history Edexcel AS

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April 1917- August 1917
April 3rd- Lenin returns
April thesis
Overthrow Provisional gov
All power to soviets
Nationalise industry
End war
"Peace, bread and land"
Kornilov affair
Kornilov- new army chief
Belief that he was planning a coup BUT he was concerned about left wing plot against the
gov- he was loyal
Russian troops ordered into Petrograd
Kerensky Panicked= arrest Kornilov
PG gave weapons to Bolsh & released from Prison
Kerensky relied on Bolsh= they look strong & protectors
Kerensky's reputation= damaged
Mensheviks & SR's were discredited by association
Increased Support for all Russian soviet
9th June
Lenin tires to seize power
Failed- lack of support from Soviets
June 16th- summer offensive
PG planned offensive- Eastern front
After 2 days= breakdown of army
Mass dissertation- no match for German forces
Lead to July days
July days
Sparked by failure of summer offensive
Mounting frustration ­ workers , soldiers
Anger at economic plight
Several days of uncontrolled rioting
Kronstadt sailors marched into Petrograd
Petrograd garrison fear
Capital= defenceless for 2 days
Lost momentum due to lack of leadership
Bolsh blamed- Lenin accused of being paid off by germans
Lenin flees

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