Aos4 Instruments

Notes on some of the instruments in Ao4

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DJEMBE ­ goblet shape, meant to be played with hands.
TALKING DRUM ­ played with a stick. Pitch can be regulated so it `talks'. Held under arm.
ESRAJ ­ sounds like sarangi but not as hard to play. Bowed.
SAROD ­ stringed, some are drone strings, some are sympathetic. Played with a pick.
SITAR ­ drone strings and normal strings. plucked. Use of sympathetic strings.
7 main strings and 12 sympathetic ones.
TABLA ­ right hand drum (dayan) is made of wood and is smaller. Left hand drum (bayan)
made of metal. Black spots are gum, soot and iron filings and create bell like timbre. Played
with hands
SARANJI ­ bowed. Sounds most like the human voice. Can do meends. Playing strings and
sympathetic strings. No frets or fingerboard.
PAKHAWAJ ­ Barrel shaped drum. Head at each end.


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