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Social Social Learning Theory Deindividuation
The SLT states that aggressive behaviour is acquire as States that aggression comes about when wearing a uniform or
AO1 children observe the aggressive behaviour, and through mask, or being a member of a crowd. All these factors cause the

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in real life, so the SLT would therefore not be a suitable whether the theory can actually be used as an explanation of
explanation for aggression in humans. aggression

Reallife Application ­Finding by Weber et al which Implications ­ Modern society has growing number of internet
support the SLT, allow…

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ability to make choices ­ successfully explain human
Both of these theories take the psychological approach towards aggression, adopting the nurture side of the debate, thus both theories ignoring
human biology ­ a major flaw in both theories. Both theories can also be challenged regarding the cause of aggression,…

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et al suggested hypothesis that brought about desire to be
dominant (inherited from ancestors).
Cortisol is predominantly associated with stress and
response towards stressors, and various possibilities low
ANS arousal, so acting aggressively to create a stressful
situation possibility of cortisol mediating aggression. BOTH
valid, as Virkkunen found LOW levels…

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we aren't able to generalise to females. SO... can't explain therefore now be applicable to females, can't assume
females, only males. generalisation, therefore low ecological validity. Males are highly
unusual, with aggressive behaviour being different to everyday
Reallife Application ­ Zitzmann found link between aggression, could in fact contribute to…

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Implications ­ implications in legal system, as research by
Brunner et al, who found low levels of MAOA on X chromosome
of all violent men, whereby sample was a violent family. Serious
implications, lawyers of Stephen Mobley in USA requested gene
screening, finding he had this genetic defect causing low…

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inmates. Many of these individuals live in subcultures where behaviour towards other prisoners and/or guards. This is
aggression is valued, respected, and reinforced, and such illustrated in reallife, with UK prisons experiencing
attitudes are important in prisons. Assumption has been overcrowding and Johnston found that this overcrowding
confirmed by a…

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testosterone, that affects aggression. SO, evidence that political pressures to reverse these changes, why should
explanation holds, which is flawed for being androcentric in criminals experience luxury?
its research anyway, could simply be due to increased Nijman et al increased personal space failed to decrease
levels of testosterone, and the…

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is flawed for being androcentric in its research anyway, could
simply be due to increased levels of testosterone, and the fight
for `alpha male'. So... eclectic approach possibly explain
institutional aggression better, by taking psychological factors
such as stress and frustration caused by environment, along
with our biology, thus acknowledging…

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