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Subject Psychologist Participants Other Information Other Information (2) Other Information (3)

At age 48, 394 were still alive, 365 Those who started criminal careers aged 10-13 were
most likely to be reconvicted (91%). Most criminals
Disrupted Families Farrington 411 boys (aged 8 and 9) 6 state schools in East London…

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Orientation period - relaxed. Open Assumption that social psychological research into
Stages and influences Hastie Theory 3 stages to jury discussion. confrontation - debate. Reconciliation - group behaviour applies to the jury. Juries cannot be
on decision making smooth over conflict. studied.

123 males in US (Naive Several stooges per…

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50 prisoners who had Quasi experiment. Prisoners There was a significant reduction in prison wing based
aggression in the experimental group but not the
completed an anger matched on their cognitive All participants were given these control. The experimental group scored lower on self
management course and 37 behavioural interview…

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Participants took the Thematic
Apperception Tests. Subjects were
shown standard pictures and asked People with a high need for A measure of nAch was developed which was said to
Achievement McClelland Males thinking to write their own stories based on achievement (nAch) want to excel and be reliable and valid.…

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The stimuli were ten nonsense words
such as LOKANTA, similar to those used Three conditions; in the room alone during testing or
Cottrell aimed to disprove Zajoncs by Zajonc. The training stimuli were 4x6 in the room with two confederates posing as fellow
theory on audience effects. 45 inch photos…

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The mice would go from their nesting
chamber into the entrance chamber,
they then had to choose a black or Mice were tested with weak, medium and strong
white chamber. The black chamber
Independent subjects design - shocks. There were four mice in each condition. Two
meant the mouse received…

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It is suggested that for a given situation Vealey developed inventories to gain measures of SC-
an athletes dispositional level of self trait, SC-state and competitive orientation. She
Sport confidence was confidence (SC-trait) combines with conducted research to validate these measures. This
involved five phases of testing. Participants were 666…

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123 males in US Several stooges per experiment given pre- Which of 3 lines, A, B, C, matches Conformed in 1 or 3 occasions. 32% conformed. When a stooge
ASCH Majority Influence (Naive
participant) determined wrong answer. stimulus line, X? breaks conformity it…

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Bandura proposes where behaviour is
Bandura developed his theory in an attempt fearful or avoidant, self confidence must Performance accomplishments - success breeds success.
to unify the positions regarding behaviour be assigned a central role for affecting Success allows individual to absorb failure and learn…

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When I opened this I almost cried, I've been looking for and trying to make this for so long, thank you!

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