Advantages and Disadvantages of Office Layouts

This is a table of the advantages and disadvantages in Cellular offices, Open plan office and Centralised offices.

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Advantages and Disadvantages in a
Office Environment
Advantages Disadvantages
Cellular Office o More Privacy o Difficult to supervise
o Provide security for staff when not easily
documents or seen
money o Take up more space in
o No Distractions the building as each
from other workers office unit has to be
o Confidentiality partitioned with doors
and windows
o Separate offices
require individual
lighting and heating
o No space in each
individual unit
o No communication
Open Plan Office o More socialised o Often more
o Departments and distractions, as the
individuals tend to be noise levels tend to be
faster and more high in this particular
straightforward as environment
workers can see and o Less security, as there
communicate with are no lockable doors
ease between working
o The open plan layout areas
makes it easier to o Lighting, ventilation
organise centralised and heating cannot be
services regulated to suit
o Staff supervision individual tastes
becomes easier and o Managers not having
more subtle privacy, their position
and status deserve
o Noise levels are high
Centralised Offices o Staff with specialised o Staff will not achieve
skills can be grouped the same level of
together to provide a personal contact when
more efficient service working in a
o Bulky and noisy centralised office area,
equipment, can be which may slow down
housed in one area to communications and
reduce any disruption efficiency may be
o No need to provide reduced
expensive equipment o Wastes time, e.g.
such as photocopiers. photocopying a
When one or two document that is a
centrally placed can distance. Which causes
provide for all delays
departments and

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