Advantages and Disadvantages Of Office Layouts

This is a table of the advantages and disadvantages in cellular offices, open plan offices, and centralised offices.

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Cellular Office
Advantages Disadvantages
For those who need to discuss something When working on your own you could get
in private or are having a conversation lonely.
about something confidential, they
provide privacy.
There isn't any distraction's, which means Take up more space in the building and
more work can be completed. use more money for equipment, lighting
and heating and furniture that is needed
to make the employee comfortable to
Confidential information and documents If you need to ask a member of staff a
can be locked in there, and nobody can question they are harder to get a reach of
get to them. because you would have to go and try
finding them.
Open plan office
Advantages Disadvantages
It is easier to communicate with other staff, e.g. Noisier to work in, and more distractions which
if you need to ask them a question it is easy mean it would take longer to get the work done
enough. because staff would be distracted.
It is easy to see which employee is doing what in Less confidentiality and security, other people
this sort of environment, so you know that a can see what you are doing.
other member of staff isn't doing the same
The layout of the office can be easily changed to Lighting and heating cannot be set to suit
make it easier for staff to access filing cabinets. everyone's taste.
Also by moving furniture around so staff have
enough room to work.
Centralised offices

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Advantages Disadvantages
Each member of staff that have specialised skills Walking to the other side of the office
can be grouped together so that more work backwards and forwards to equipment will take
gets done and would be better quality. up a lot of time, which means less work will get
done and take longer to complete.…read more


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