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Should area 1002 be exploited
for oil?

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Animals would
be disrupted
and harmed if
the project
went ahead
The Caribou would lose
its native environment
and it is the top priority
at WWF to maintain our
moral obligation to save
wild places like the "Please do not
ANWR for future
destroy our
Caribou herds are
important both
economically and
culturally to indigenous
people…read more

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Should the oil be exploited?
For Against
People of Alaska gain The permafrost and
more money and this can natural cycle of climate
be used towards other will be disrupted
wildlife projects Destroy natural
Creates jobs treasures
Give greater security of Most biologically
energy supplies with less productive part of the
reliance on politically arctic refuge for
unstable countries wildlife…read more

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Our Decision
We believe that this project should not go ahead
because there is too much damage to the
This work would be detrimental to the caribou
population and this is not how the WWF works by
providing a sustainable future.
Our evidence for this is the previous decline of the
caribou population through the development of the
pipeline and we believe this would happen again
Tundra ecosystems are more important than oil and
This would not be a long term solution…read more


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