A timeline of the key event of the boer war.

A timeline of the key event of the boer war: Road to war, battles, Black week, political elections & consequent reforms.

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Key Dates of the Boer War.
Diamonds discovered at Kimberley
First Boer War Britain force defeated
Independence granted to the Transvaal & Orange Free State
Gold discovered in the Transvaal
Cecil Rhodes attempts to overthrow the Transvaal with Jameson Raid fails.
May Kruger & Milner meet for negotiations over the Uitlander problem fails
Aug. Britain sent reinforcements to the Cape.
Oct. Boer ultimatum to Britain refused.
Sieges of Kimberley, Mafeking and Ladysmith begin.
Dec. Black Week Britain loses three battles.
Jan. Buller defeated at Spion Kop
Feb. Relief of Kimberley and Ladysmith
Mar. Roberts captures Bloemfontein, OFS capital
May Mafeking Relieved and Johannesburg captured
Oct. Khaki Election Conservatives win a comfortable majority
Nov. Kitchener takes over as CinC to mop up
Guerrilla warfare
Introduction of concentration camps & `scorched earth' policy
May Peace of Vereeniging ­ Boers accept British Imperial sovereignty.
Esher Enquiry Report ­ reorganisation of the War Office
Liberal Landslide in the general election
Haldane's army reforms

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