A2 Psychology AQA A Inferential Stats tets Revision shee

Heres a sheet i made, i do this for each topic in psychology and it really works as revision!
I have done loads so if you need any specific ones just let me know and ill upload them :D

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Stats Tests & inferential analysis
Inferential tests help us to draw inferences about populations based on the samples tested. These
tests allow us to infer that a pattern in the data is likely/not likely to be due to chance
Directional hypothesis- One will/will not cause another- one-tailed test
Non-directional hypothesis- Two-tailed test
Degrees of freedom- Number of participants in the study
Choosing which test to use:
Spearmans RHO test
1) State alternative and null hypothesis
2) Record data, rank each co-variable, calculate d, d2 and the sum of d2
3)Find the coefficient by using the Spearmans equation
4)Find critical value
5)State the conclusion with relevance to whether you accept or reject the hypothesis
When to use Spearmans RHO:
When the hypothesis states a correlation between two variables
When the 2 sets of data are scores or measures from a person or object
When the data is ordinal or interval

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Chi-Squared test
1) State the hypothesis
2) Draw up a contingency table (2X2 or 3X3)
3) Find observed value by comparing observed and expected values for each cell
4) Add all value in a final column
5) State the conclusion in reference to accepting or rejecting the hypothesis
When to use the Chi-Squared test
When the hypothesis states a difference between 2 conditions or associations between co variables
The sets of data must be independent
Nominal data- in frequencies (not percentages)
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