A2 Psychology AQA A Inferential Stats tets Revision shee

Heres a sheet i made, i do this for each topic in psychology and it really works as revision!
I have done loads so if you need any specific ones just let me know and ill upload them :D

happy revising!

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Stats Tests & inferential analysis
Inferential tests help us to draw inferences about populations based on the samples tested. These
tests allow us to infer that a pattern in the data is likely/not likely to be due to chance

Directional hypothesis- One will/will not cause another- one-tailed test…

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Chi-Squared test
1) State the hypothesis
2) Draw up a contingency table (2X2 or 3X3)
3) Find observed value by comparing observed and expected values for each cell
4) Add all value in a final column
5) State the conclusion in reference to accepting or rejecting the hypothesis…


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