A2 OCR History- Civil Rights in the USA (Women) 1865-1992

This is a comprehensive guide for the OCR History F966/02 specification on the unit 'Civil Rights in the USA 1865-1992'. This section is on Women.  

This guide includes:

  • A timeline
  • A detailed overview of the 4 key periods (1865-1914, 1915-40, 1941-69, 1970-1992) 
  • A list of exam questions both from past papers and the official OCR book 

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have you got notes for African American and Trade Union as well? I found it easy to understand.



I've done one on Trade Unions but I need to type it up, I'll be finishing off African Americans and TULR next week :) 

I'm glad you found this helpful. 



Yeah these are great resources, just need the last African American one if you can get that done and uploaded soon that would be great



Great Resource



would u be able to upload this as a word document so i can highlight on word please?

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