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Examine the causes of the Haiti Earthquake

On Tuesday the 12th January 2010 a magnitude 7 earthquake which had a duration of 45
seconds hit the very poor LDC of Haiti. By the 24th January at least 52 after shocks had been
recorded, all measuring 4.5 or greater. The epicentre…

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buildings ­ the sprawling shanty towns were built on marginal land and due to little building
regulations they were very poorly built, meaning they could not withstand the quake, falling
on everyone that was inside a building. 2.3 million people were driven out of their homes and
over 180,000 homes…

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international airlines had services to the country. All of this was disrupted by the earthquake
­ further setting back the Haitian economy.

The physical consequences include a large amount of lateral and vertical offset caused by
severe ground shaking along the fault lines. The general pattern was a bulging up…

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17 ships, 48 helicopters, 12 fixed-wing aircraft and 10,000 marines. However, the logistics of
distributing aid was a nightmare, and problems were compounded by damaged roads and
broken lines. The USA were one of the main sources of contributing to the immediate
response (see pie chart), the USA have had…

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after the quake) the UN stated that it continues to provide and coordinate wide-scale
humanitarian assistance in response to the 12 January 2010 earthquake and cholera
epidemic. Donors have pledged $10 billion at the UN donors' conference to make a
difference in the lives of suffering Haitians and almost 90…


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If you have a question that requires a detailed LEDC case study then this is for you. A very readable and informative document with all the info you need to hit the high mark levels in the longer questions.

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