Notes for edexcel A2 geography exam

notes for own report june 2012



intro - define hazard, response, mitigation

         response spectrum

         case studies

         key factors

Methodology -> case study jusification, reliability, credibility, bias

Analysis -> human factors (development, scientific understanding)

                  Physical factors (location, type of hazard)

                  include sub conclusions

Conclusion -> physical factors less harmful on own, human exaccerbate

                        development level less significant post disaster -> NGO's help

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  • define tectonic hazard (UNISDR,09)
  • different types of hazards caused by earths movement
  • reponse 'way people respond to a problem or change' (Adam & Holmes,09)
  • vulnerable population
  • 3 approaches (Dunn et al,09)
  • response spectrum
  • different factors
  • examples/case studies
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USGS -> reliable, world renowned academics, constantly updated

BBC, Guardian, Times -> likely to sensationalise information, neutral source

Economist -> written by experts, detailed 

ALNAP -> humaitarian website. no vested interest

Haitis killer earthquake documentary -> detailed account, includes reports from top academics

geography websites -> not sure where information was sourced from, written by geographers, highly relevant

Berkley university -> highly regarded university, detailed report

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  • 2005 kashmir earthquake -> 7.6
  • 30% deaths from landslides
  • mountaineous region, isolated, harsh
  • response hard -> hindered, can't reach people
  • increased deaths

Type of hazard

  • level of preparation -> tsunamis and volcanoes can, eqs can't
  • can predict tsunamis -> people constantly monitoring plate movements, undersea means more than likely to cause tsunami
  • volcanoes give of gases, can be monitored
  • Montserrat eruption -> 120000 people evacuated
  • Nevado Del Ruiz armero tragedy
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pysical factors own not a problem -> human exaccerbate

development after disaster less impact -> NGO's and other countries donate, media coverage = people aware

link to case studies

money to invest in tech = mitigation = less vulnerable

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