What else is there in geography?

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Plate tectonic and hazards

Structure of the earth

Type of crust of the earth facts

Timeline of discovering the earths structure

How do we know about the earths structure? Waves, metals, gravity, gutenburg discontinuity

Paleomagnetism and convection currents- Link to Pangea theory

For and against continental drift; Geogological evidece, biological, climatological, biological

Constructive plate boundaries- Features, MAR case study, minor/major, instusive/extrusive

Constructive plate boundaries, East African rift valley, triple junction,

Destructive plate boundary- Features, major/minor, intrusive/extrusive Philippeans plate case study

Conservative plate- San Andrea features created

Hotspots- Info on Hawaii, formation, how to identity, features

Type of earthquake waves

More on type…


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