The Country Wife- Sparkish

  • Created by: Isabella
  • Created on: 24-04-13 15:36



  • Tries to be the wit
  • Thinks he is funny
  • This makes him a fool- falls for Harcourt's tricks
  • Disliked by most characters, even Alithea
  • To be outlandish
  • Wants to be the wit- part of the town
  • Tries to fit in with Harcourt, Dorilant and Horner
  • Tries being funny- makes jokes about Horner's condition
  • Marrying Alithea for money

Development (Growth & change)

Other information              

  • Beginning=outlandish, trying to fit in
  • Still the same, though he is a little disappointed that he's not marrying Alithea
  • Sparkish= trying to be the "spark" of the ton
  • Engaged to Alithea, and does not mind Harcourt declaring his love for her, thinking it is a joke etc.


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