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  • Medea
    • Creon
      • "I'll not begrudge you your prosperity. Have your marriage and good luck to you."
      • "I'm begging you, at your knee, in your daughters name."
      • "Let me remain here one more day. To prepare for my exile and to provide something for my children."
    • Jason
      • "As a man, you're the worst there is."
      • "What did I do? Marry and desert you?"
      • "Jason... I ask you to forgive me for what I said before."
      • "You could tell you wife to ask her father not to send the children into exile?"
      • "To spare my children banishment. I'd trade more than gold, I'd give my life."
      • "But you'll never have me in your grasp. Not in this chariot. A gift to me from my grandfather Helios. To protect me from all enemy hands."
      • "I have done what I had to do. I stung your heart."
      • "Oh my children. Victims of your fathers evil actions."
      • "Well your sons are gone. That should cause you pain."
      • "Never. My own hands will bury them."
    • Aegeus
      • "Well good luck. I hope you find what you desire."
      • "Take pity on me in my misfortune."
      • "Never to cast me out of your own country. And if some enemy of mine asks you if he can take me off. You'll not agree, not while you're still alive."
    • Tutor
      • "But before that, I shall bring others to their homes."
    • Messenger
      • "What's happened that I have to run away?"
    • Monologues
      • "If I find some way to punish Jason for these injustices - his bride as well - and her father, say nothing."
      • "We have a woman's nature. Powerless to perform fine noble deeds, but very skilled in all forms of evil."
      • "Let no one think I am a feeble woman. A trivial one who sits there passively."
      • "The evil done to me has won the day."
      • "I must not hesitate. That would hand them over to be slaughtered by a hand far less loving."
      • "For this short day forget they are your  children and mourn them later."


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