Act One - Final Section

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  • Act One - Final Section
    • Directing
      • Ensure correct atmosphere captured through design and acting
      • Audience left with what the director wants them to feel and think about
        • Audience given time to reflect and discuss with others the issues and ideas presented on stage
    • Actor
      • Nora reveals more traits of her character
        • Moves from state iof panic to complete manipulation of her conversation with Torvald
        • Moves dialogue in direction she wants it to go
          • Changing the topic to a trivial conversation about the upcoming fancy-dress party
      • Audience see Torvald's desire - control every aspect of Nora's behaviour
        • Uses pet names
        • Forces her shake hands with him - showing he wants to control the trivial matters & the things that really matter
        • T need of power &  constantly reminding N he controls their relationship
        • Torvald has strong stage movements
          • Provide visual of power he holds over his wife
            • Examples:
              • 'Stretches out his hand towards her'.
              • 'Lays his hand on her head'.


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